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While I’m catching up with my blogging, I wanted to post this video that I came across yesterday. It is hosted on Mozilla Hacks, Mozilla’s developer site. It features a panel discussion I hosted on the importance of open video codecs.

Here’s the description from Chris Blizzard, who handled the video and the post:

“On Tuesday, July 28th, 2009, Mozilla hosted a brownbag and lunch discussion with Davis Freeberg and Dan Miller on the subject of open video codecs. Dan Miller is one of the founders of On2 and is largely responsible for the free release of VP3, which is the basis for the Theora codec. Davis Freeberg hosts a popular blog in which he comments extensively on the state of video on the Internet.”

I am posting it because it is still very much a relevant topic today. And it’s interesting to me how sometimes we develop areas of expertise seemingly by accident/luck/fate. I say that because I still do quite a bit of work in the video codec space 5 years later without having specifically sought out (nor avoided) this sector.  It’s a pretty narrow niche, yet as the experts on the video explain, the issue has broad implications for most web users.


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It’s nice when entertainment and work overlap. Given what I do for a living, that doesn’t happen everyday. But I enjoyed this bit on Net Neutrality by John Oliver and appreciated his broad appeal to folks to provide comments to the FCC. Let’s hope we see a wave of support from actual people (as opposed to corporations/lobbyists being the only voices in the debate) similar to what we saw with SOPA.

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