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Happy New Year!  It’s been a while since I posted and there’s been a lot I’ve wanted to discuss (like the recent lawsuit over PCI rules), but what seemed impossible to ignore was SOPA and PIPA.    I am particularly proud today to say that I work with Wikipedia on legal and privacy matters.  To see the impact of their black out is really awe inspiring and a testament to the contribution Wikimedia and collaborative web projects generally make to society.  In fact, the nature of the response to SOPA and PIPA even beyond Wikimedia highlights the very power and value of a distributed internet where numerous individuals, organizations (big and small), and communities around the world can both individually and collectively create, distribute, and benefit from content.  It is that “decentralized” form of internet that is threatened by these bills.

So here is my voice being added to the chorus to urge lawmakers to consider ways to leverage the internet rather than weaken it by, among other things, removing procedures and other protections to ensure that legal process isn’t abused.  I have called my lawmakers and urge you to do the same.

For a more lengthy description of my views of the value of the internet, you can check out my post from November 2010, which I submitted to the U.S. government on behalf of Mozilla.


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