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As discussed previously on this blog, I enjoy working on issues regarding user-generated content and, on the flip side of that coin, intermediary liability for hosting such content. For any of you like-minded folks out there, Stanford Technology Law Review is hosting a conference on intermediary liability on the web on March 3rd. http://stlr.stanford.edu/symposia/2011-secondary-liability-online/

There will be panels on intermediary liability and copyright, trademark, and privacy. Lots of smart folks will be there to discuss the latest developments on this topic that is so central to maintaining an open and collaborative web.

I’ll be on the copyright panel at my alma mater with my former professor, Paul Goldstein, moderating and former classmates Fred von Lohmann and Anthony Reese as co-panelists (among others)—it should be fun.

The conference is free to attend (but Stanford asks that you register). It would be great to see you there. Come up and introduce yourself…I would love to meet you.


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