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Hello, Good People of the Internet.

Privacy on the web is increasingly grabbing headlines around the world. For our part, Mozilla would like to continue to work on behalf of users to be privacy forward. So, as the Mozilla community prepares to finalize features for Firefox 4 in the upcoming days, I am putting out a call to all Mozilla employees and contributors to ask that you please contact me or Liz Compton with updates that you think we should be making to the privacy policy for Firefox. We are making this call publicly to try to be as comprehensive as possible and because, of course, not all of our work comes from within Mozilla the company.

How do you know if you need to contact us? Well, if there is a feature of Firefox that handles user data, we want to make sure its appropriately disclosed to our users in the privacy policy. If you aren’t sure if it’s properly disclosed in the privacy policy, we can walk through that analysis together. If it’s a new feature, then definitely contact us.

You can email us at privacy@mozilla.com or directly at jmartin@mozilla.com or liz@mozilla.com. Once we have a draft policy, we will follow our usual procedure of posting it to the Mozilla governance groups for public comment and discussion.



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