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Ending Summer on a High Note

The last two weekends have seen some great times. On Saturday, I enjoyed watching Stanford’s football team play no. 24 U. of Wash (and win—Go Card!). The game started with Stanford’s Chris Owusu returning the kickoff and running it all the way down the field for a touchdown (for the second week in a row). Combine that with a warm evening and garlic fries…good times!

And while I started this blog with my anticipation of Michael Franti’s Power to the Peaceful, nothing beats seeing Michael Franti play at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz, which he did a week ago. I danced so much I couldn’t walk down my stairs for a week! Great tunes and great energy at a rockin’ venue. I have to say that Santa Cruz is my favorite place for live shows. It draws real musicians for the love of performing and engaging with an appreciative audience. The energy is always great and the venues intimate.

So on this high note, I’ll post a quote from one of Michael Franti’s classic songs:

“Sometimes, I feel like I can do anything and
Sometimes, I’m so alive, so alive
Sometimes, I feel like I can zoom ‘cross the sky and
Sometimes, I wanna cry”


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